tisdag 21 oktober 2008

Water (L)

Water is an important part of my life!

I love the bath, and nowadays I often have the pleasure of having Victor with me in the tube, which is very funny. But Victor is a bit wild and spend most of the time rolling around or wanting to stand up!

I also love to wash my hands under rinning water. I probably wash my hands ten times a day. The best thing is when my hands are really dirty and I can use a lot of soap, because then I can rince them for a long time!

I love to drink water. Especially when I'm out playing in the garden, and I can ask mum for a glass of water. Drinking is important when you play, at least every five minutes!

Drinking water is of course important before you go to sleep. Especially if it can make mum or dad come up to my room and give me an extra kiss...

...and by the way Grandma: Mum has cut my hair now so you don't have to think that I look "ovårdad" :-)

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