fredag 17 oktober 2008

Real friends and others

Do you talk to yourself?



I kind of thought there was something strange about me doing that. And that is why this blog might be good therapy for me, since I can actually talk to somebody (or at least pretend that I do, depending on how many people will actually read this :-)

It is wonderful with kids, because you're constantly reminded of a lot of things about yourself and your childhood that you had completely forgotten. Like the possibility that there actually is someone under your bed. How difficult it sometimes is to separate fantasy from real world. The importance of eating with a special fork. And how fun it is to jump in water puddles.

But one thing I hadn't forgotten, is how useful it is to have imaginary friends, when the real ones are not around. What I didn't however, and what Lisa does, is to name them. After having spent time with her cousin Emilia...

... her imaginary friend was called "Ilia".
We've had a bunch of names like that, but I still haven' figured out where the name "Matsla" came from. Apparently it's a girl. And she's hanging in.
Mostly they're all nice friends, that play, and eat, and go to sleep, and have good ideas. Sometimes they need to be shouted at, and Lisa is mostly the good girl (of course!).

My imaginary friends don't play, or eat, or sleep. They don't even have ideas, they just listen. And I might want to specify that I don't actually talk to them, I just think very loudly (ok and sometimes move my lips a little). I think my brain would explose if I didn't organise my thinking in some kind of recital, and I would probably bore my friends to death if they actually had to listen to it all.
So I will keep my imaginary-friend-therapy. According to Lisa it's ok.

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Hannah sa...
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Hannah sa...

I think imaginary friends are very important. Especially when you're in a strange country with strange people who think you are different in both good and bad ways. I also think it's very important to be friends with yourself in those situations, and give yourself some credit, buy yourself some chocolate, and if one day you still feel lonely despite your imaginary friend and yourself as company, watching Friends on Channel 4 always helps.