torsdag 16 oktober 2008

Ice Cream (L)

Ice cream is all childrens favourite - right?
So I will just keep on asking mum about it, on and on and on again. And when she has finally agreed to giving me some, at a certain point of the day (like goûter), I keep on asking for confirmation that I will REALLY get it, so that she doesn't forget. And if there are some changes of the plans for the day (like: I don't sleep in the afternoon like I usually do) I keep on confirming that this won't alter the goûter plans. I make sure what kind of ice cream I will get, what bowl I will eat it in, and if it's with a big or a small spoon. If mum is going to eat or not. And confirming that Victor cannot have any.
But - when I'm sitting with my ice cream, mum goes into the kitchen. And eating ice cream alone isn't that fun. So I give Victor some. Mum says no. But Victor smiles and says bababa. Then through the window I see Ella in her garden. Can I play with her? Mum says yes, after the ice cream. But what if Ella goes inside her house again - I'd better stop her. She wants to play - I can come to her house. Mum says yes. But - what about...?
Mum finishes the ice cream.

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Hannah sa...

Det har ar mitt favorit-inlagg! Jag har last det sakert 100 ganger och kanner mig lika rord varje gang. Du skriver sa fint och vackert och kanslosamt och roligt, sa man liksom kanner hur det kanns att vara tre (och ett halvt)