fredag 17 oktober 2008

Magic Doors (L)

I love to play with doors and lamps. Every time I see a lamp, I need to switch it on, or off, and back again. Every time I see an open door, I need to close it. Closed doors must be opened.
On - Off. Open - Close.
Many times, with all lamps, and all doors.
It drives my mum mad.

What mum hasn't understood is that there is something magic about doors, and lamps. Everything can change, with a little switch, or a little push. There can be a magic world behind a closed door. I can imagine that it is a castle, or a swimming pool, or a forest. I can walk into the magic world, and then out again. But I must close it in between, to make up new stories, and to be excited about what is behind.
And the world changes with the light. The rooms change and become something different. Shadows disappear. Colours transform. Why have two, or three lamps in a room if you can't light them all?
Sunshine has absolutely nothing to do with lamps, both are needed in my magic world. But it's difficult to make mum understand that.

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