tisdag 21 juli 2009

Dear Patrice

as you might have noticed, a happy event is coming up in your family.
As one out of three self-proclaimed Fairy Godmothers for little J, I wanted to inform you that you, as the assumed father, have some duties that you have to fulfill in the coming days.

Firstly, Fairy Godmothers need hourly updates about the process. In case you personally don't have the widget to do that, I advice you to use the HTC of your beloved wife (I will stop calling it "useless piece of crap" for the time of this event). Create a contact list "Fairy Godmothers" and then you can start sending regular e-mails.

Secondly, when J is out, we need you to indicate what colours would go well with his skin, hair- and eye-colours so that we can go shopping. Please also indicate if he seems to be rather an H&M-, Benetton-, or Orchestra-baby. (I'm harassing Karen to create a Children's Collection but she's not convinced yet).

Last but not least, we expect excellent conditions for our visits. In the case that there are other people in the room, please show them to the TV-room prior to our arrival. Starbucks' coffee and cookies go well with our mission.

I trust you to respect our wishes, in order to bless little J with our love, kindness and witty irony. Our instructions will be extended according to our needs.

Fairy regards from Sweet Sofia, also representing Milk-and-Honey Marina and Candy Cris

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