fredag 15 januari 2010

Performance Appraisal

Tog mig i stort sett hela dagen att få färdigt. Efter ett möte på en timma.

Här är resultatet:

1) Follow-up on last year

Very boring year. No big deals. Very few small deals. Basically: no money = no fun.

2) Values

- To what extent do you live and act as a role model in accordance to our values?

- How do you manage to integrate and promote the values in the daily life of your organization?

Sorry, but I've stared at these questions for quite some time during the day and still have no clue what to answer.

3) Leadership Profile and Overall Performance

Discuss to what extent you as a leader fulfil our stated leadership skills.

Can I see them again, please?

Aaaaahhhh - those skills. Ok here we go:

* Business orientation: 5/5. I looooove business. If I only could do some.

* Strategic thinking 5/5. Love that too. I get to do a lot, since our acquisition strategies never last more than a week.

* Drive and initiative 5/5. Is that like taking the car in the wrong sens on the motorway? Sorry.

* People leadership 5/5. If I had a PA I would be very nice to her. I'm very nice to my nanny. Mother-in-laws are not included, right?

* Personal effectiveness 5/5. Hey, I'm a mother of two!

* Technical skills 5/5. Have loads of them. Don't let my husband convince you of anything else.

4. Working conditions and motivation

Are you able to use your full potential? What motivates you?

On A I say: Didn't you read anything of what I've already written?? I'm a director of acquisitions and we don't do any acquisitions so NO I'm not using my full f-ing potential.

On B I say: Money. Money. More Money.

5. Future

What are your aspirations for your future career? Do you believe that your aspirations are aligned with the company and will enable you to achieve your ambition?

I give up.

6. Other issues

Other important issues to bring up; organisational or personal?

We're often lacking milk for the frother. And I have to fill up the dark brown espresso capsules myself quite often.

7. Feedback to manager

How have you been supported in your role? How could I as your manager improve this support even further? Summarize your feedback by stating:

Appreciated support: Hmmm. To say it nicely: I don't really care.

Areas where additional support could be of value: Stupid feedback: When you say I need to improve the graphic design of my Power Point Presentations. I'm 33. I was doing Board Presentations when you were still hassling around in the IT-bubble in Sweden - thinking you were doing business.

8. Objectives 2010

Get money - buy.

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